Frequent questions

Dimensions and characteristics.

What are the parts of a Dundy and what is it made of?

The Dundy is made up of 4 fabric-lined foam pieces: 2 triangular pillows, a cushion and a more solid base. All pieces are lined with microsuede, a soft and friendly fabric, and come with closures that allow you to remove the foams easily in case you need to wash the linings. Both the cushion and the base come with 2 pieces of foam joined by the fabric that allows it to be easily folded to store it or have more possibilities of creations for your children.

What are the dimensions of a Dundy?

The Dundy is 84 cm deep and 168 cm long. The base and the cushion, in the standard form, have a height of 22 cm. already placing the pillows it reaches a maximum height of 55 cm.

The dimensions of the box are 90 x 40 x 40 cm.

Where are they made?

All the Dundys are manufactured in our plant in Mexico City, our foam is of national origin and the fabric we use is imported.

How low is it?

The Dundy is 22cm tall, which comes in like 2 or 3 pillows stacked. The height is perfect so that the little ones can get on easily and can get off in the same way.

How much does a Dundy weigh?

The entire Dundy weighs about 15 kg, this is the sum of the base (7 kg), the upper cushion (5 kg) and the 2 pillows (1.5 kg each).

How can it be saved?

Dundy is designed to be super versatile. Fold the base and cushion to store in a closet or stretch them to store under the bed. (22 cm tall).

Shipping and payment methods.

How fast will my Dundy get there?

If you live in Mexico City or the Metropolitan area, you will receive your Dundy 2 to 4 days after your purchase. If you live in other parts of the republic, it can take between 5 and 7 days depending on the distance.

Can I buy it through a third party?

As we like to take great care of the experience of our customers and the shipping times, the best way to do it is by buying it ourselves, we review and ship each of the orders in our plant. And at the moment, we do not have certified sellers.

What payment methods can I use?

We receive payments with credit and debit cards, PayPal and bank transfers. We also offer 3 months interest free on credit card purchases.

Can I change the shipping address of my order?

Clear! Our promise is to provide exceptional customer service, so if your order has not gone through you can make an address change without any problem, please contact us at .

Where do you ship to?

We ship to the entire republic, as long as your area is within the coverage of carriers such as FedEx, DHL, UPS.

If your area is not in this coverage write to us and we will do everything possible to find a solution.

He shipping really free?

In all of Mexico City and the Metropolitan area, yes, we are working to have competitive rates in the rest of the republic and thus offer this free service to all houses in Mexico that want a Dundy.

What comes in the box?

Each Dundy is shipped in a large cardboard box containing the complete 4-piece set. The 4 pieces (base, upper cushion and the 2 pillows) are compressed and rolled up with a protective plastic layer. And so it is sent straight to your door!

Do you offer a discount if I buy more than one Dundy?

Clear! Because the only thing more fun than one Dundy is two. We offer an automatic $ 1,000 discount for each additional Dundy. So you save $ 1,000 on a 2-pack, $ 2,000 on a 3-pack, $ 3,000 on a 4-pack and so on. Just add the Dundys to your cart and the discount will apply!

Can I buy Dundy liners separately?

We are sorry! But at the moment we are fully in manufacturing and deliveries so we only sell complete sets.

Do you sell individual pieces?

We are sorry! But at the moment we are fully manufacturing and delivering, so we only sell complete sets.

What are the dimensions of the box?

Each Dundy is shipped in a large cardboard box containing the complete 4-piece set. The dimensions are 90 x 40 x 40 cm and it weighs 15 kg.

How long can I leave it in the box?

Dundys don't like to stay in their boxes, the sooner you can get it out the better! They are shipped compressed and rolled up like a potato flute, but the more time you spend in the box, the longer it takes to take its original shape and unwind. So we suggest you take it out of the box as soon as you receive it! Dundys that spend more than 15 days in their box may have damages and we will not be able to apply a guarantee in those cases.

Can I cancel my order?

Clear! It will hurt us to know that the children will no longer enjoy it, but if your Dundy has not left our facilities you can cancel, make color changes or change shipping address. Once the cancellation is requested, the refund is made immediately, but depending on your bank, it may take 3 to 10 days for the credit to appear in your account.

Shipping and payment methods.

Can I charge it?

If you can read this, yes ... and if not, probably too!

What spaces is the Dundy designed for?

Game room, sleeping room, study, living room ... pretty much any space will suit the Dundy. Only the outside is not your best friend, because of the constant sun and / or rain. And because of its weight, it is child's play to move it from place to place.

Is it easy to remove and put the liners?

Very easy! The closures go from one end of the piece to the other. so it will be very easy to do it!

How is it assembled?

Unfold and place the base, do the same with the upper cushion, and place the pillows on top. But that's just the beginning! Castles, ramps, houses and more await your creativity!

Care and Cleaning.

Can I wash the linings?

Without worries! The fabric is super durable. We recommend using neutral soaps, washing cold and hanging them for drying. For small stains we recommend wiping gently with a damp cloth or some rug cleaner.

Are Dundys water repellent?

We decided not to because of the chemicals in these applications. The fabric we use is thick and can hold small stains very well ... until you get a chance to clean them. We know that accidents happen with little ones! For this we suggest placing, between the lining and the foam, the pads that they use to avoid accidents at night.

What if I have furry pets? ;)

Like any other chair or rug, it can attract pet hair, so many choose colors to help hide them. But the hair that remains is super easy to remove! Either vacuuming, removing hair or brushing it.

Can I leave the Dundy out in the open?

Feel free to take the Dundy out onto the dry deck or patio. But do not leave it there, as direct sun damages the color of the linings and the humidity can damage the internal foam.

30 day trial and returns.

What is the 30-day trial?

This is how you can be reassured that they are going to love your Dundy. We are sure that you will love it, so we want you to be sure that it is the best for you. For 30 days you can try your Dundy, enjoy it and keep it if it is all you expected. Or return it at no cost if you imagined otherwise. NOTE: At the moment we are only accepting free returns in CDMX and the Metropolitan area. The 30-day trial does not apply to color changes, lining packages that have already been opened or orders of 3 or more Dundys.

Is the product guaranteed?

Dundys were made for fun, relaxation, and everything in between. This means that the fabric, zippers, and handles must withstand everyday use. And we don't like it when this doesn't happen, but we are willing to replace any manufacturing defects for up to one year after purchase. Just send us an email to with the detail photo and your order number and we will follow up.

What is your return policy?

For 30 days you can try your Dundy, enjoy it and keep it if it is all you expected. Or return it at no cost if you imagined otherwise. NOTE: The 30-day trial does not apply to color changes, liner packages that have already been opened, or orders of 3 or more Dundys.

Dimensiones y características

¿Cuáles son las piezas de un Dundy y de qué está hecho? expand_more

El Dundy está compuesto por:

4 piezas de espuma forradas con tela: 2 almohadas triangulares, un cojín y una base más sólida.

Todas las piezas están forradas con microsuede, una tela suave y amigable, y vienen con cierres que permiten sacar las espumas fácilmente en caso de necesitar lavar los forros. Tanto el cojín como la base vienen con 2 piezas de espuma unidas por la tela que permite doblarse fácilmente para guardarlo o tener más posibilidades de creaciones para tus hijos.

¿Cuáles son las dimensiones de un Dundy? expand_more

El Dundy tiene 84 cm de profundidad y 168 cm de largo. La base y el cojín, en la forma standard tienen una altura de 22 cm. ya colocando las almohadas llega a tener una altura máxima de 55 cm.

Las dimensiones de la caja son de 90 x 40 x 40 cm.

¿Dónde están hechos? expand_more

Todos los Dundys están fabricados en nuestra planta en la Ciudad de México, nuestra espuma es de origen nacional y la tela que utilizamos es importada.

¿Qué tan bajo es? expand_more

El Dundy tiene22 cm de altura, que vienen siendo como 2 o 3 almohadas apiladas. La altura es perfecta para que los pequeños se suben fácilmente y puedan bajarse de la misma forma.

¿Cuánto pesa un Dundy? expand_more

Todo el Dundy pesa alrededor de 15 kg, esta es la suma de la base (7 kg), el cojín superior (5 kg) y las 2 almohadas (1.5 kg c/u).

¿Cómo se puede guardar? expand_more

Dundy está diseñado para ser super versátil. Dobla la base y el cojín para guardarlos en un closet o estirarlos para guardarlos debajo de la cama. (22 cm de altura).

Envíos y métodos de pago

¿Qué tan rápido llegará mi Dundy? expand_more

Generalmente recibirás tu Dundy en menos de 10 días, (Valida en la parte superior de la pagina si hay tiempos extendidos de entrega) sin embargo hay lugares que por la distancia puede tomar mas tiempo. En cualquiera de los casos solo escríbenos y te damos actualizaciones sobre tu pedido.

¿Puedo comprarlo a través de un tercero? expand_more

Como nos gusta cuidar mucho la experiencia de nuestros clientes y los tiempos de envío, la mejor forma de hacerlo es comprándolo nosotros, revisamos y enviamos cada una de las órdenes en nuestra planta. Y por el momento, no tenemos vendedores certificados.

¿Qué métodos de pago puedo utilizar? expand_more

Recibimos pagos con Tarjetas de crédito y debito, PayPal y transferencias bancarias. También ofrecemos 3 meses sin intereses en compras con tarjetas de crédito.

¿Puedo cambiar la dirección de envío de mi orden?? expand_more

¡Claro! Nuestra promesa es dar un servicio al cliente excepcional, así que si no ha salido tu orden puedes realizar un cambio de dirección sin ningún problema, por favor contáctanos al correo de [email protected].

Cuidado y limpieza

¿Puedo lavar los forros? expand_more

¡Sin preocupaciones! La tela es super durable. Recomendamos utilizar jabones neutros, lavado en frío y colgarlos para el secado. Para las manchas pequeñas recomendamos limpiar suavemente con un trapo húmedo o algún limpiador de tapetes.

¿Los Dundys son repelentes al agua? expand_more

Decidimos no hacerlo por los químicos que llevan estas aplicaciones. La tela que utilizamos es gruesa y puede sostener pequeñas manchas muy bien... hasta que tengas oportunidad de limpiarlos. ¡Sabemos que con los pequeños suceden accidentes! Para esto sugerimos colocar, entre el forro y la espuma, los pads que utilizan para evitar accidentes en las noches.

¿Qué pasa si tengo mascotas peludas? ;) expand_more

Como en cualquier otro sillón o tapete, puede atraer el pelo de mascotas, así que muchos eligen colores que ayuden a esconderlos. Pero el pelo que se quede ¡es super fácil de quitar! Ya sea con aspiradora, quita pelos o cepillándolo.

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